Urban tree species selection in a changing climate

On 20 June 2018, the Dutch trade journals Boomzorg and Boom in Business are organizing an international symposium about climate trees. This will be held at Batouwe Nurseries in Dodewaard, The Netherlands.

The climate in our cities has changed in the past years and will change even more in the coming years. In consequence we will have to plant different trees in the future, which are better adapted to the rigid city climate. But how do we decide which species and cultivars are best adapted and how can we be sure those trees are being grown in nurseries?

We will address the following themes:

- Trees species (and cultivars) most suitable for the foreseen climate change.
- The relation between pests and diseases in trees and climate change.
- The relation between biodiversity and risk assessment of (new) diseases.
- How to encourage the complete chain of the green industry to use the right tree species:
        - Nurseries
        - Landscape architects 
        - Policy and management
- Important factors to estimate climate change tolerance:
        - For instance: frost, heat radiance, drought, infrastructure, etc. 
        - What data can be used as indicators?


09:30                    Walk in: International Symposium Climate Trees

10:10                    Welcome word by Chief Editor Hein van Iersel, NWST

                             Opening by Chairman Henry Kuppen

10:20                    Andrew Hirons: Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure

10:50                    ‘Tree Elevator Pitch’ Martien Mantje, Nurseries Udenhout

11:00                     Klaus Körber: Stadtgrün 2021 : Urban tree species selection in a

                              changing climate Part 1

11:40                     Short coffee break

12:00                     Klaus Körber: Stadtgrün 2021 : Urban tree species selection in a

                              changing climate Part 2

12:40                    Keith Sacre: The role of nurseries in tree species selection 

13:10                    Walk over the nursery and lunch

14.10                    ‘Tree Elevator Pitch’ Christoph Dirksen, Baumschule Wilhelm Ley GmbH

14.20                    Jaap Smit: Floriade Urban Arboretum, a step into the future 

14:50                    ‘Tree Elevator Pitch’ Carlos Verhelst, Batouwe Nurseries

15:00 – 16:00       Closing and drinks

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Organisation by 

Hein van Iersel, CEO and founder of NWST NeWSTories bv. NWST is the publisher of the trade journals Boomzorg (aimed at municipalities) and Boom in Business (aimed at nurseries).

Henk Huibers, CEO and founder of Batouwe Nurseries in Dodewaard, the Netherlands. Batouwe is a nursery specialised in the cultivation of starting material for nurseries worldwide and delivers products to 25 different countries.

Date & location

         Batouwe Nurseries, Engelandstraat 1B, 6669 DX Dodewaard 
                           (The Netherlands)
Date:                  20 June 2018
Language:         English (real-time Dutch translation available)
Target group:   Nurseries worldwide, tree officers in The Netherlands 
                             and Western Europe
Entrance fee:    € 95
Max. audience: 150 people

Hotel reservations

For international visitors we have arranged hotel accommodations at Hotel Van der Valk Tiel. Follow this link:   

Van der Valk Hotel Tiel
Laan van Westroijen 10, 4003 AZ Tiel, The Netherlands


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